FROM current & past projects:

Haleh Liza, The Mast, Haale



Nuclear Dragon. Inspired by the peace sculptures at the UN and in Central Park. One depicts a saint slaying a dragon made of retired American and Russian nuclear missiles.

At WNYC’s Soundcheck with host John Scaefer, with my band The Mast.

At Preservation Jazz Hall in New Orleans, with members of the Jazz band, when my named was spelled Haale

This EP features lyrics by Rumi and Bahar, as well as new versions of old Persian tunes. (if you’re not on Spotify, some of the tracks have youtube links, see below.)

Floating Down is a song inspired by a story I heard about Jimi Hendrix’s time as a paratrooper. He was playing guitar most nights in his bed, and as he fell from the skies he was overtaken by the sounds. “Strangers, soldiers, friends all dissolve in the sound, all get lost in the sound.” Ay Del features lyrics by the Persian mystical poet Attar.

Settle In. One of my folk songs. “Life wants to see you whole again, the rain wants to taste your skin, the sky wants to fill your eyes, stillness wants to know your mind.”

Chenan Mastam and Ay Dar Shekasteh feature lyrics by Rumi, I will post the translations soon. Hastee features lyrics by Forugh Farrokhzad, one of the greatest and most courageous contemporary Iranian poets. She’s one of my faves.

Wild Poppies. I was in Bethlehem beside The wall. There was a patch of wildflowers at the foot of the watchtower, where a guard sat with gun in hand. Wildflower, watchtower, wildflower, watchtower, what a contrast.

Stars Under My Skin. Wrote this after crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, the windows were open and I guess I was having a kind of mystical experience.

An EP created from a series of jams with Matt Kilmer in our home studio, featuring a balafon.